To enable us provide the most effective and relevant services to clients, it is an important part of our relationships with them that we understand the industries in which they operate, as well as their businesses, and not just the relevant laws. This way, our clients always get the benefit of us providing them with legal advisory services which afford important and useful guidance for them in a challenging business environment.

We routinely provide advisory services to multinational corporations as well as high networth individuals and business enterprises on several areas of Nigerian commercial law. The work of lawyers in our CLPG includes conducting legal due diligence, evaluation and review of proposals, advising on companies and allied matters, employment law, insolvency and corporate restructuring, contract drafting, review and negotiation.

Domestic and international arbitrations also constitute a very important area of our CLPG work, where we are able to rely on our invaluable experience in disputes resolution and management. We represent clients before domestic and international arbitral tribunals in respect of a wide range of contractual disputes and are regularly instructed on matters concerning the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in Nigeria.